Available Now

DropSort is now available in iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch

An Infinite Sorting Game

DropSort takes inspiration from games like Tetris with their random, infinite gameplay. The goal of the game is to get the highest score you can. You score by filling trucks with identical boxes. You decide which truck gets which box, and must take into account many factors. The lead truck will leave the screen once full, and only then do you score. You can choose not to sort a worker, but in doing so will lose a life. However, perfectly filled trucks build a score multiplier, so it might be worth while to wait.

See how high you can get your score, then compare yourself against your friends on Game Center. Earn achievements for playing, and for unique combinations of filled trucks.

Trouble? Problems? Suggestions?

You can receive support for DropSort by contacting the author at support (at) dropsortgame dot com.

Future Updates

The next version of DropSort is being worked on, bringing in integrated leaderboards and achievements, along with bug fixes.